Family Pot: RIU Origin Stories

How were you introduced to the RIU Legion?

Dave Spurr
RIU Stats Wizard

"I watched [Jason's] YouTube videos back in the day, when he was doing them for Ultimate Poker. Maybe eight months after he started those?"

Melly Wang
JCarver Twitch Mod

"When I was first learning poker, I was already watching a lot of Twitch. Then when I started watching poker streams, Jason was the best. So eventually I was only watching him."

Heather Hardie
RIU Twitch Chat Celebrity

"I started watching Jason really, really early. Like on YouTube, his final table with Russell Thomas. And I followed him to Twitch. So I'm an early Warrior!"

Rob Hamilton
Iceblade Fanboy

"I used to work in ESports and discovered Twitch poker when it was really young. And it was love at first sight... well, at least for me. Because [Jason] couldn't see me yet!"

Andy Camou
JCarver Twitch mod

"I found JCarver's original Run it Up videos on YouTube when he was just starting the series."

Jimmy Cappucci
RIU Twitch Chat Celebrity

"The old YouTube videos. It was before Twitch, so it's been a long time."


Kevin Gerhart
RIU Twitch Chat Celebrity

"I started watching the YouTube videos after one of my friends took me to the casino to play poker for the first time. So I've been watching Jason for a little over two years."