Break Time: Eating Cake At JCarver's Welcome Party!

As the clock chimes seven, both of the events are going on break so all of the players can join in the festivities downstairs for the Run it Up Reno Welcome Party! Four players remain in the Kickoff event, after Marco Galvan busted in 5th just before the break for a $1,263 cashout. All four of these players have already earned themselves Main Event seats! Here's how they stand at the break:

Seat 1: Kevin Gerhart - 339,000
Seat 3: Paul Sampson - 708,000
Seat 5: Melly Wang - 406,000
Seat 8: Mitchell Cogert - 154,000

Meanwhile, The $125 PLO 6-Max is in its eighth level with 52 remaining, having registered 70 individual entrants.

The Welcome Party represents the official opening ceremony of Run it Up Reno, and is taking place in the Sorento Room while the trophy events are paused upstairs in the Capri ballroom.

See you for welcome drinks and Eating Cake at the Peppermill!