Chewy's Proud Papa Pounding PLO

Albert Ng, aka AKNG8, is well known in the #runitup Twitch and Discord for many reasons: he's the proud papa of Chewy, the unofficial pupper of RIU; he's Twitch Mod Melly Wang's significant other; and he's a well regarded member of the Legion. And he's off to a great start in Event 2, the 6-Max PLO.

Albert spent a few hands away from his table, having amassed enough of a chip lead to afford a brief vacation, to railbird Melly's four-handed final table appearance. He proved a good luck charm, as Melly made a fabulous call against Paul Sampson to double up (you can read all about the hand in an update from Alee Yah). After the hand, Albert Ng visited with Chewy for a bit before returning to his table, where he sits on a pretty spectacular 48,000 chips.