Run It Up Reno Recap

Thus ends this edition of Run it Up Reno from the Peppermill Hotel Resort and Casino!

Run it Up Reno awarded 22 gold trophies across 16 different poker variants in 8 days of poker action, and several players ran it up to have some impressive series.

Day 1 kicked the series off in a big way: Paul Sampson won the kickoff event, defeating Melly "MellyBearGoRawr" Wang heads-up for the cup. Jake "Radioheadz19" Irwin scored the win in the second event, $125 PLO 6-Max. Then Jimmy "untitled2jc" Cappucci became the first RIU competitor in history to win two Run it Up Reno trophies when he took down the All In Or Fold. But as the series unfolded, it turns out Jimmy would not be alone at a pair of RIU championship cups for long...

 Nathan Manuel - Mix-Max Champion

Nathan Manuel - Mix-Max Champion

Day 2 began with the Mix-Max championship, which ultimately went to Nathan "JimmiesBoss" Manuel after some epic heads-up action, including maybe the most impressive heads-up battle in RIU history over MJ Gonzales. Matt Coleman and his signature beanie took down the Omaha-8 6-Max in a deal with Jim Martini and Albert "AKNG8" Ng later in the day to give Team Chewy another finals appearance. Vincent "vintroverted" Newland scored his very first RIU Reno trophy in the last event of the evening, the Triple Stud Championship.

Day 3 got underway on Wednesday the 26th with the $235 Black Chip Bounty, which ended with Jesse Capps finally getting the first place monkey off of his back when he booked the Black Chip victory. His hotel roommate for the week-long festival, Harry Corvese, also took down a trophy event when he won the H.O.R.S.E. event. Finally, Ryan Leonis won the button and the trophy in the evening's Win The Button event.

 Albert Ng - 5-Card PLO Champion (with Melly Wang & Chewy)

Albert Ng - 5-Card PLO Champion (with Melly Wang & Chewy)

Thursday's 8-Game 6-Max Championship was a highlight event for many coming to the series, and in the end the prestigious event was won by Jordan Spurlin in a deal with Henry Vanderpol and Nick McMullen. Mo Baterdene and Andrew Cha took down the first Team Event of the series, starting off a stellar week for Cha, and finally Team Chewy struck again, this time for the win, as Albert Ng won the 5-Card PLO event outright for an impressive back-to-back in Omaha events.

The Main Event got underway on Friday with Day 1A, but there were more side event trophies to spread around before the big game became the focus. The Omaha-8/Stud-8 Split event eventually went to Saro Mardirosian in a 4-way chop. Later in the evening, Aaron Schoch took down the Big Antes event for his first RIU trophy.

Day 1B featured the bulk of the Main Event runners like poker pros and seminar guests Kevin Martin and Dan O'Brien taking their shots. It also saw the Peppermill's own Arron King take down the split NLH/PLO. Later on in the day, Team "Big & Small Shop," aka Patrick Knipple and Greg Bitterly, scored Team Event number two. And as the $600 Main Event turned the corner to the weekend, by the end of the second Day 1 82 players had booked their tickets to Day 2 of the Main Event.

 Main Event Final Table (L to R): Austin Roberts, Loren Klein, Wes Cutshall, Marty Gorenc, Jesse Capps, Loma Schulz, Chip Tutu, David Lander, Richard Acovino.

Main Event Final Table (L to R): Austin Roberts, Loren Klein, Wes Cutshall, Marty Gorenc, Jesse Capps, Loma Schulz, Chip Tutu, David Lander, Richard Acovino.

Saturday was moving day, and the big headline was of course WSOP bracelet winner Loren Klein besting Jesse Capps heads-up to win RIU Reno's Main Event and take his second Reno Main Event in a row, having just won the HPT here three weeks ago. Capps earned his second Run it Up Reno runner-up finish in the process. Crowd favorite Loma Schulz finished her very first live poker tournament in eighth place of the Main Event.

 Loren Klein - Run it Up Main Event Champion

Loren Klein - Run it Up Main Event Champion

Other winners on the day included... well, Andrew "AndrossTheBoss" Cha! Andrew scored his second RIU trophy (after winning the first team event) in the NLH Second Chance, then added a third later that same day in the NLO8. And speaking of second trophies, Vincent Newland joined the double-up club when he took down the 8-Game Championship on Sunday. Vintroverted's mixed game mastery was a sight to behold, as he took down Peter Lynn heads up to close out Sunday night's busy action.

Monday was relaxed by comparison, with the Main Event completed, but there were still two awards left to give out. First, Mark Mazza prevented Jimmy Cappucci from earning his third RIU cup when he won the NLH 6-Max. And finally, Team Media Team reporter extraordinaire Brent Harrington will head to the next Run it Up Reno with the event's most recent trophy, winning the Last Chance NLH Turbo.

 Jesse Capps, Black Chip Champion, Main Event Runner-Up, 7 RIU Reno Final Tables.

Jesse Capps, Black Chip Champion, Main Event Runner-Up, 7 RIU Reno Final Tables.

If one were to assign a "player of the series," there are a number of top contenders.

Kevin "KGerhart" Gerhart booked three different third-place finishes over the eight days, and also had the distinction of chip leading at the end of registration in five different events. Sweden's David "DBLUTF" Lander earned three fifth place finishess, including in the Main Event. Alex "Ezraw0" Lavinthal extended his career RIU cashes record to a staggering 17. Jimmy "untitled2jc" Cappucci scored his second career RIU trophy, becoming the first Warrior to do so, and nearly got his third with a runner-up finish on the last day of competition. Both Vincent "vintroverted" Newland and Albert "AKNG8" Ng showcased game specialization prowess. And of course, Andrew Cha will be taking home a trio of trophies from the week.

But it has to be Jesse Capps. Over the course of the 22 events, Capps scored a win in the Black Chip, a runner-up in the Main Event, and then added 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th place final table appearances plus one more small cash, eight RIU cashes in all, over his spectacular series. The Las Vegas pro certainly is the player of the series for this installment of Run it Up Reno.

But this won't be the last time that The Legion makes its way up to the Biggest Little City In The World, as Run it Up Reno will return April 3-10, 2017! It's only 153 days away, so plan for your trips now!

As players begin to shuffle out of the tournament hall and friends new and old say goodbye, at least for now, everyone is saying, "I'll see you in April." Run it Up Reno is a special event of camaraderie, friendship, poker, and everyone who was here for this most recent installment had an amazing time.

Thank you to all of the players, staff, and to you the folks at home keeping up with the week's events. And we'll see you on April 3rd, 2017, for the beginning of the very next Run it Up Reno! See you then!

Run It Up Reno Tournament Summary (October 2016)

  The twenty-two tournaments that made up October's Run It Up Reno event provided a combined prize pool of $363,240.  In addition, twenty Main Event seats (worth $12,000) were added to the prize pool - four for the Monday Kickoff, and the Last Warrior Standing (the last player in the tournament wearing Run It Up merchandise) for each of the sixteen tournaments that concluded on Monday through Saturday.

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EventEntriesPrize PoolChampion
$235 NLHE Kickoff107 entries
16 paid
plus five seats
Paul Sampson
$5,190 + 2 seats
$125 PL Omaha, 6-Max77 entries
12 paid
plus one seat
Jake Irvin
$85 NLHE All-In Or Fold
with $50 rebuys
66 entries
12 paid
plus one seat
Jimmy Cappucci
$3,046 + seat
$235 NLHE Mix-Max97 entries
16 paid
plus one seat
Nathan Manuel
$5,000 + seat
$125 NL Omaha8 KO, 6-Max
$25 bounties
111 entries
18 paid
$8,325 + $2,775
plus one seat
Matt Coleman
$1,478 + KOs + seat
$85 Triple Stud, 6-Max107 entries
18 paid
plus one seat
Vincent Newland
$235 NLHE KO
$100 bounties
167 entries
24 paid
$16,700 + $16,700
plus one seat
Jesse Capps
$3,773 + KOs + seat
$125 HORSE, 6-Max112 entries
18 paid
plus one seat
Harry Corvese
$2,767 + seat
$85 NLHE Win The Button135 entries
24 paid
plus one seat
Ryan Leonis
$235 8-Game, 6-Max112 entries
18 paid
plus one seat
Jordan Spurlin
$4,641 + seat
$125 NLHE Team Event61 entries
8 paid
plus one seat
Team 'Asian Persuasian'
Mo Baterdene
Andrew Cha

$2,134 + seat
$85 5-Card PLO, 6-Max153 entries
24 paid
plus one seat
Albert Ng
$1,911 + seat
$125 Omaha8/Stud8, 6-Max75 entries
12 paid
plus one seat
Saro Mardirosian
$85 NLHE Big Antes102 entries
16 paid
plus one seat
Aaron Schoch
$2,141 + seat
$125 NLHE/PLO, 6-Max69 entries
12 paid
plus one seat
Arron King
$1,814 + seat
$85 NLHE Team Event47 entries
8 paid
plus one seat
Team 'Big & Small Shop'
Greg Bitterly
Patrick Knipple

$1,150 + seat
$235 NLHE Second Chance50 entries
8 paid
$10,000Andrew Cha
$125 8-Game, 6-Max53 entries
8 paid
$5,300Vincent Newland
$85 NL Omaha8, 6-Max39 entries
6 paid
$2,730Andrew Cha
$600 NLHE Main Event
Days 1A, 1B and 2
256 entries
40 paid
$136,960Loren Klein
$235 NLHE, 6-Max50 entries
8 paid
$10,000Mark Mazza
$125 NLHE Last Chance
34 entries
5 paid
$3,400Brent Harrington

The results from this event can also be found on The Hendon Mob.

Last Chance: Brent Harrington Takes it Down for Team Media!

The last Run it Up Reno event has just wrapped up in extraordinary fashion after Team RIU Media team member Brent Harrington takes it down! He's cashed five times out of seven tournaments this series with three final tables and one win. Harrington pocketed $1,360 for his efforts, and Ryan Frechette took home $850 for his runner-up finish. 

Another Team RIU Media team member, Reuben Bresler, came in third for $544. The heater is certainly real. Alex Lavinthal booked a remarkable 17th RIU cash to extend his record even further.

Here is a look at the payouts for this event:

1st Place: Brent Harrington - $1,360
2nd Place: Ryan Frechette - $850
3rd Place: Reuben Bresler - $544
4th Place: Jon Wallace - $374
5th Place: Alex Lavinthal - $272

Last Chance: Final Table!

The $125 Last Chance NLH Turbo has quickly reached the final table. With this tournament paying five spots, play will be relatively snug. 

Ryan Frechette leads the final table with 85,000, and two Team RIU Media team members Brent Harrington and Reuben Bresler are still in also. 

Here is a look at the final table:

Seat 1: Jon Wallace - 38,000
Seat 2: Alex Lavinthal - 55,000
Seat 3: Reuben Bresler - 21,000
Seat 4: Brent Harrington - 37,000
Seat 5: Austin Roberts - 55,000
Seat 6: Dwight Ross - 18,000
Seat 7: Ryan Frechette - 85,000

6-Max: Mark Mazza Masters the Six-Max

After a lengthy three-handed battle, heads-up play lasted just a few short hands and Mark Mazza came out ahead, taking home $3,300 for the win. Jimmy Cappucci was unable to lock up his second trophy of the series (and third one overall), but he'll settle for a runner-up finish and $2,100.

The final table of seven began after Brent Harrington finished in eighth place for $350. He lost a big pot with queens and was unable to recover. Rian Mullins was next to go in seventh place ($350) after he came to the final table with the shortest stack and was unable to run it up. 

Six-handed play went on for a while, and Steven Strauss was the next to go in 6th place ($550). He got his chips in with [qx8x] on a board reading [tx8x3x]. Cappucci held [tx8x] for top two pair and the river was no help to Strauss. Fifth place belonged to Dave Lander, and he took home $800 for his efforts. Lander was unable to win a flip with Kevin Gerhart, but he heads back home to Sweden with some American dollars in his pocket after several deep runs this series, including a final table appearance in the Main Event. 

Robert Hamilton went out in fourth place ($1,100) after he got his money in with [ax3x] against Gerhart's [kx8x]. The flop came king-high and it was all over.

Three-handed play lasted about an hour between Gerhart, Cappucci and Mazza. The trio battled it out until Gerhart finally fell to Cappucci. His pocket queens were cracked by jack-ten after Cappucci made two pair on the turn. Gerhart has had more deep runs in this series than anyone can count, but unfortunately he was unable to leave with any RIU gold. He took home $1,450 for third place. 

Cappucci and Mazza took a quick break, after which time heads-up play didn't last very long. Cappucci got aggressive with top pair on a wet board and got Mazza to commit some chips before folding his hand on the river. A couple of hands later, both players were dealt a pair and played for it all. Mazza tabled [qxqx] and Cappucci showed [8x8x]. The board ran out dry and Mazza was the winner. 

Here are the results for this tournament:

1st Place: Mark Mazza - $3,300
2nd Place: Jimmy Cappucci - $2,100
3rd Place: Kevin Gerhart - $1,450
4th Place: Robert Hamilton - $1,100
5th Place: Dave Lander - $800
6th Place: Steven Strauss - $550
7th Place: Rian Mullins - $350
8th Place: Brent Harrington - $350

Last Chance: SemperFiMikey Flying High

Today is Halloween, the day when witches and wizards roam the streets, and ghosts and ghouls haunt the parties celebrating the most frightening of holidays. On the final day of Run it Up Reno, there are several people dressed for the occasion. One of the most unique is a man in the aviator goggles and chevrons: Michael "Mikey" Bodnaruk.

Those chevrons aren't a costume store purchase. The Reno local is a Marine veteran of five years, specializing in communications. "I did field radio and microwave radio. Field radio is like calling in airstrikes and stuff, microwave radio is generic communications."

 Michael "SemperFiMikey" Bodnaruk

Michael "SemperFiMikey" Bodnaruk

Mikey is a gamer through and through. In addition to poker, he was active in Magic: The Gathering before his time in the Marines and played Dungeons & Dragons when he had the chance during his deployments. "It was basically two-person storytelling. I loved it."

After he left the service, Mikey started streaming on Twitch. Fittingly, he goes by "SemperFiMikey" while online. Last summer, he streamed the inaugural WSOP Online Event from the account, garnering over a thousand viewers at one point. When he isn't streaming his adventures on the digital felt, he also live streams League of Legends and, when the mood strikes him, Rocksmith 2014.

Now an Uber and Lyft driver in addition to military veteran and poker player, Mikey is enjoying his first Run it Up Reno, and currently sits among the chip leaders in the final 6pm event, the NLH Last Chance Turbo. We shall see if he can capitalize on his big chip stack and rocket-powered pilot's attire to launch his way to a victory.

6-Max: Final Table!

Brent Harrington squeaked into the money, finishing in 8th place for $350. He lost a big pot with pocket queens against ace-king and was crippled, but managed to triple up with jacks later on to survive the bubble. After his elimination, the final table of eight was formed. 

 Jimmy Cappucci hunts for trophy number three.

Jimmy Cappucci hunts for trophy number three.

The usual suspects made up this final table, with Jimmy Cappucci leading the pack with 180,000. He looks to win another trophy this series to make a total of three trophies across three RIU series. Kevin Gerhart makes yet another final table and looks to finally scoop a trophy.

Here is a look at the final table:

Seat 1: Rian Mullens - 18,000
Seat 2: Mark Mazz - 150,000
Seat 3: Dave Lander - 70,000
Seat 4: Jimmy Cappucci - 180,000
Seat 5: Kevin Gerhart - 145,000
Seat 6: Steven Strauss - 65,000
Seat 7: Robert Hamilton - 102,000

6-Max: The "Ten of Clubs on the River" Blues

During the break, I got moved to the same seat at the other table with eight left.

I folded under the gun with [qx4x], which might have been a shove considering I had less than two big blinds, but I had a story in my head about coming all the way back and winning the tournament. It would be a great story. Instead, I was in the big blind and the action folded to Steven Strauss in the small blind.

"Can he fold?" I asked the table.

"I'm pretty sure I'm not even supposed to look," Steven said as he tossed in a raise.

"Ooo," I said when I looked at [qhjs].

Steven showed [9x5x]. I flopped a jack, but Steven went runner-runner to a straight and sent me to the rail in eighth place. I got $350 and the players are breaking to the final table.

6-Max: Gut Punch

 David Lander

David Lander

This one doesn't feel great. I was doing well and on the money bubble with about 60,000. The blinds were 1,500/3,000. David Lander is back at my table. He opened to 7,000. I had [qcqh]. I looked at his remaining stack, or tried to without asking him to move his hands. To me, it looked like about 30,000 behind. I made it 25,000 and David shoved all in. I called and he showed [ackx].

The flop was not great, all clubs. The turn was the [4h] and I needed to dodge a club, ace, or a king. The river was the [ks] and I don't remember exactly what I said. I'm pretty sure I couldn't type up what I said, at least part of it.

I stood up and felt a sudden burst of immense sadness. A lot of the feelings about how good of a player I am is tied to results. I want to do well in an No-Limit Holdem tournament. I have cashed three events this series; No-Limit Omaha 8-or better KO, PLO/No-Limit Hold em mix (4th), and $125 8-Game (3rd). All that is nice, but when I entered this, I thought it would be a cool experience to write about it. When I got to the final two tables, and on the money bubble I thought I would be able to make a deep run and build some confidence in what I consider my worst game. 

The [ks] changed that plan. Once the initial pain subsided I returned to the table. I had about 6,000 or so. The first hand I looked at was [5x4x]. I folded. Within the next hand or two, I got pocket jacks. I went all in for a little more than 7,000 and Rian Mullins called behind. David Lander ended up being my savior on this hand and shoved over the top. He had sevens and my jacks held. I waited and ended up lucking my way into the money. There are eight left and I'm the short stack with about 10,000.